Virtual Receptionist

A real receptionist for your business

MBE Parramatta has a strategic alliance with Australia’s best live answering service. All receptionists are based in Australia and give your business a professional “first point of contact”. Even if you are “just looking” we recommend that you sign up for the 7 day FREE TRIAL.

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It is genuinely free, and there is no obligation after the 7 days end. You will be given a unique phone number and a web site login so you can customise your service and make test calls to see how your phone answering and message taking is handled.

With our live answering service you simply allocate yourself a local phone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney) during the FREE Trial sign up process and that is the number that the receptionist knows your business by. Whether clients call that number direct or you divert any other number (02 / 1300 / 1800 / your mobile etc) to your live answering number, we will be answering your calls instantly.

Below please find further information on our live answering service including the FREE Trial which is easy to set up yourself in just 5 minutes.

We also support multiple staff within our live answering system so once you set up the FREE Trial please advise us the names and operational role of any additional staff members (plus mobile and email address) so we can also set them up to receive calls and messages.

After the FREE Trial if you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription (and there is no obligation to do so) pricing for your Virtual Receptionist service is available by simply clicking Virtual Receptionist Pricing. (NB: pricing on our partner site are shown as ex GST)

At all times you are in control of how calls are answered and handled and therefore the charges you incur.

With this service there are no set up fees and no long term contracts. It is a simple month to month arrangement and you can move between plans at any time or cease the service at any time by simply giving a minimum of one full working day notice. For full disclosure of Terms and Conditions, just click on the link.

We provide this link to our partner as we believe this gives you the most professional and cost effective service in the market. If you do sign up with them direct, please let them know that you were introduced by MBE Parramatta.

If you require the 24×7 service it is FREE to have the service activated. All calls answered, irrespective of the time of day, are counted as part of your Virtual Receptionist monthly plan allowance.

A Fax to Email service is also available for $10 per month.

This service is available during the Free Trial. Just let us know and we will activate those services for you instantly.

With our Virtual Receptionist, all calls are answered in your company name, with a greeting you choose. Our system allows for notes to be entered by you for our receptionists to refer to when handling customer enquiries. That way our receptionists are able to answer basic customer queries as well as obtaining the caller’s name, number and details of the call which can be emailed and/or SMS’d to you instantly. If staff are available for calls (you may alter that status at any time via the web), we can also introduce every call to the relevant staff member who can choose to take the call or indicate they are busy and would like us to take a message. That means, staff are always in control of how calls are managed.

To get an exact picture of your call volumes, usage reports are available online so you know every interaction with your company including the date, time of call and the number of the person calling. You can also view the calls transferred to your staff as well as details of messages sent to your staff by email and / or SMS (including date and time).

Please feel free to go online and set up the FREE Trial which will allow you and your staff to assess the level of professionalism that we deliver for the 2,500 clients using our Virtual Receptionist live answering service. It’s so real callers will literally think our receptionists are sitting in your office.

We can be answering your phones 5 minutes from now!