Virtual PO Box Sydney Australia

A prestigious Australian mailing address for you or your business

Unlike a traditional PO Box, Your Virtual PO  Box service allows you to publish a real, prestigious Australian street address for your organisation. A real address conveys credibility and legitimacy. It also allows you to place on Google Maps and Bing.  Perfect for overseas companies wanting to establish an authentic Australian presence.

If you have been considering a PO Box – don’t! The advantages of Virtual Address Service over a PO Box are significant: the credibility of a real street address, ability to receive courier deliveries and, best of all, no long post office queues to retrieve your oversized items.

Questions?  We’re sure you’ll find the Answers below:

Common Uses for a Virtual Address

Many people need a virtual PO Box address, or in some case multiple virtual PO Box addresses. Often these same people don’t know that a solution is available – the fact that you’ve found our website means that you are well on your way to solving the problem.

Our Virtual PO Box service is ideal for

  • Overseas companies wanting to establish an Australian presence in the geographic heart of Sydney
  • Home based businesses needing to keep the residential address confidential
  • Any business wanting to take advantage of Google Places or Bing in their marketing strategy
  • Mobile professionals and Road Warriors needing an actual street address for their business
  • Individuals who want to protect their privacy
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to wait around the home or office for a courier to arrive
  • People buying or selling on eBay or who do Internet shopping
  • Students or travellers needing an Australian address for the duration of their stay, and we can forward your mail after you return home.
  • Australian residents who move often and want a fixed address until they ” settle down”
  • Divorcing or separating couples who want a separate address
  • Gap year Australians who want a reliable address in Australia while they’re travelling, and where mail can be forwarded to them anywhere in the world.
  • Business people on overseas postings where a professional address in Australia is needed

Common Virtual PO Box Address Formats

At MBE Parramatta we provide you with a unique address to meet your specific needs.

Choosing Your Service Level

At MBE Parramatta we offer four standard levels of service depending on your needs. We are also happy to customise our services to YOU – contact us and let us know what you’d like.

All address formats are available and can be used with any service level at no additional charge.

Service level
Service Standard VirtualPlus Plus Premium
Prestigious street address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of names allowed 2 3 6 9
Receive Australia Post Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of courier parcels/week 2 Nil 5 10
No queues to collect parcels Yes N/A Yes Yes
24 /7 access to mailbox No N/A Yes Yes
24 / 7 access to photocopying No N/A Yes Yes
Receive faxes Optional Optional Yes Yes
Email scanned faxes Optional Optional Optional Yes
Mail notification by email Optional Yes Yes Yes
Mail notification by SMS Optional Optional Yes Yes
Mail forwarding service 1 Optional Optional Optional Yes
Large box No No No Yes
Medium box No No Yes No
Small box Yes No No No
No box (virtual address only) No Yes No No
4 week rental (per week) 2 $20.00 N/A N/A N/A
13 week rental (per week) 2 $16.00 $17.50 $19.50 $25.00
26 week rental (per week) $13.50 $15.50 $17.50 $21.50
52 week rental (per week) $10.00 $11.50 $12.00 $15.50
104 week rental (per week) $9.00 $10.00 $10.50 $13.50
2. The 4 week and 13 week options are only available with Auto Renewal. If you want to be sent notice of renewal, please select 26 weeks or more.

Optional Mailbox Services

Optional fax receipt (per page) $1
Optional fax scan & email (per fax) $5
Optional mail notification by email (per week) $2
Optional mail notification by sms (per week) $5
Optional mail forwarding (per event) $10
Additional parcels over allowance (per parcel) $5

Terms & Key Information

Please read the full terms and conditions on the application form before signing it.

If we suspect an illegal activity is being conducted through our service, we are obliged to advise the police.

We require a clear copy of the current photo identification of the person signing the application form. This can be an Australian driver’s licence, a passport of any nationality or an Australian Government issued photo ID.

  • If you are unable to come to our centre to finalise your application, we will also require a clean copy of the front and back of the credit card you use to pay for the service.
  • If your photo ID does not include your current residential address we will need you to provide that on your application form.

We will confirm your service by writing to the residential address you provide. If that letter is sent “return to sender” your service will be suspended until your current residential address is confirmed.

When you apply online, you will be emailed a copy and copy will be sent to MBE Parramatta

Virtual Office Parramatta is a service offering of MBE Parramatta, part of the worldwide Mailboxes Etc. and Postnet groups. With over 2,000 locations worldwide, we are the most experienced supplier of virtual addresses in the world.

MBE Parramatta already provides virtual address services for customers in Canada, USA, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and throughout Australia.

Every customer is given a unique address formatted to meet their special needs. It takes 5 minutes to set up and is operational immediately, with most customers able to access their mail 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.